5 Best Dirt Bike Goggles

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The risks of dirt bike riding are best mitigated with high-quality protective gear. When riding your dirt bike, you can expect debris to be thrown to your eyes, which makes goggles a must-have for any rider.

Condensation, moisture, and UV rays are other factors that necessitate a pair of specialized goggles. We discuss the five best dirt bike & motocross goggles below:

1. Scott Prospect Dirt Bike Goggles

Scott capitalizes on its 45 experience in the industry to deliver cutting-edge products to enthusiasts.

The Scoot Prospect Goggles have a sophisticated aesthetic, and you can get them in black, white, green chrome.

One size fits all, while the 50mm retention strap is made from silicone to ensure it does not slip.

The goggles are designed to tackle the rigors of dirt riding. They offer a maximum field of view both peripherally and top to bottom.

The brand’s Lens Lock System keeps the lens in place regardless of how aggressive the rider gets in the field. It is also easy to swap and secure the lenses in the frame.

Scott has furnished the Prospect goggles with a multi-layer moisture-wicking foam complete with a soft fleece face liner for comfort.

Riders will not be distracted by moisture since the thermoformed foam channels have excellent wicking capabilities.

The pivoting triggers also adapt to all helmet shapes and provide pressure on the rider’s face for an impressive seal.

You get a nose guard, clear lens, and a goggle bag.


2. Fox Racing Vue Dirt Bike Goggles

The Vue goggles from Fox feature a close-sitting fit to minimize obstruction from the side of the frames. You can look forward to exploring the track with confidence, as you will see everything that is around.

The goggles are designed with a pre-curved injection-molded lens to ensure that riders get distortion-free vision. They are also impact-resistance for maximum protection.

You can swap the lens in seconds to keep up with changing weather thanks to turn-release tabs. Comfort is ensured by an ABS/nylon outer frame, a soft TPU faceplate that molds to the rider, and a dual-compound inner-frame.

The goggles will stay secured to your helmet thanks to a wide 45mm strap that is silicone backed. The anti-fog and venting features will keep you comfortable even as you maneuver through off-the-road trails.


3. Oakley O Frame Dirt Bike Goggles

If you are keen on leading brands, look no further than the Oakley O Frame goggles. These entry-level off-road goggles will give you the absolute value for your money.

The goggles feature a two-pin attachment system to use with tear-off lenses. The Flexible O matter frame is designed for comfort and fit, and it maximizes a rider’s peripheral view. They will give you excellent visibility since they are not prone to fogging.

You get optimal comfort with the Oakley O Frame goggles. The triple-layer face foam fleece will wick away any sweat while the inner frame surface eliminates any glare. The silicone lining fitted on the inside of the strap secures the goggles in place.

You get an impact-resistant and scratch-resistant Lexan lens, and you can choose between grey and clear lens options.

The goggles are well-ventilated, and they will keep any debris away from your eyes.


4. 100% Speedlab STRATA Dirt Bike Goggles

These Strata goggles from 100% promise flawless vision thanks to anti-fog and anti-scratch Lexan lens. They are a perfect choice if you want tear-off pins.

The 40mm silicone-backed strap keeps the goggles in place. A plush and dual-layered face foam keep moisture and sweat away from your face.

The goggles are made from durable and flexible urethane for striking matte and gloss finishes.


5. NENKI Dirt Bike Goggles

The NENKI motocross goggles are quite versatile as in addition to dirt bikes and ATVs, they can be used for snowboarding and skiing.

They are made from an advanced TPU frame material that is durable and lightweight. The goggles are also bendable to conform to the face shape of the rider.

The triple-layer face foam and fleece promote sweat absorption and guarantees a good fit.

The adjustable and anti-slip silicone strap will enhance your safety by fitting perfectly on your helmet. The anti-fog mirrored lens also provides 100% UV400 protection.


Why Should You Wear Goggles when Riding a Dirt Bike?

Protective goggles are among the most important protective gear that a motocross rider can have.

During off-road driving, your eyes are exposed to many elements like debris, insects, and other obstacles. Such elements can damage your eyes, especially given the fast speeds that motocross riders engage in.

In addition to dirt, your eyes are vulnerable to weather conditions like snow, hail, and rain. These elements can affect your visibility, which is dangerous in a high-stakes sport like motocross.

The wind that whips up at high speeds can also damage your eyes. By riding with your eyes unprotected, you risk developing eye infections and blurred vision over time.

Motocross goggles have the primary goal of improving your visibility under all weather conditions. A clear pair will come in handy at night, while a tinted one will reduce the sun’s glare.

How to Choose Dirt Bike Goggles?

To get the most out of motocross goggles, you have to get high-quality ones, and you can use the simple guide below:


Airflow is vital as it prevents moisture-buildup and keeps you cool. The interior lining should be made with a soft and foam material with plenty of air-pockets.

Goggles with functional wicking capabilities will absorb any moisture from your face.

Ventilation is especially important if you get large goggles that cover a large portion of your face. A good airflow system will keep you comfortable even in long distances.


Lenses make up the most crucial part of goggles. Curved lenses are popular since they provide an excellent peripheral vision and improve visibility.

You should also look out for tinted lenses that let you keep up with changing weather. Tinted lenses help you navigate when the sun is out since they are polarized and coated.

Clear lenses are better at night since you can take in as much artificial light as possible.

If you want to use goggles in diverse conditions, ensure the pair you get has interchangeable lenses. It should also be easy to swap the lenses.

The best goggles will offer full protection from UVA and UVB rays. These rays can result in cataracts and macular degeneration and impair your vision.

Anti-fogging features

Fogging is dangerous because it impacts on a rider’s visibility. Some goggles have an anti-fogging coating that discourages moisture from condensing in the lenses.

Other goggles depend on an airflow management system to keep vapor away from your face.

Anti-fogging features are especially important in cold weather. You can also use an anti-fogging spray if your goggles don’t have a coating.

Protective Qualities

An impact- and scratch-resistant coating will protect you from the occasional falls and promote the durability of your goggles.

The lenses should be molded from reliable materials like polycarbonate to keep them free from scratches. Scratches are potential hazards because they can compromise your vision.


Look out for a flexible frame that is made from strong materials like a polyurethane compound.

You want a frame that provides a customized and secure fit, and one that will not slip down when you are riding. The best ones will not put too much pressure on your face.

How to Clean Dirt Bike Goggle?

Your goggles deserve a good soak in warm water and soft soap after a ride. Do not use harsh detergents since they corrode the foam liner.

Leave the goggles for a few minutes before trying to wipe away the debris. Use a mix of warm water and washing up liquid to clean the inside of lenses using a microfiber cloth.  Try not to pull out the silicone or sponge lining.

Your goggles should be left to dry on their own in a properly ventilated room. Using heat on them may cause damage to the polycarbonate or sponge material.

Leaving motocross goggles in direct sunlight also causes them to degrade faster.

How to Prevent Dirt Bike Goggles from Fogging Up?

If your goggles keep fogging up in cold days, you can address it with a fog blocker spray or an anti-fog cleaner.

The anti-fog spray can be used before rides or in the middle of one if plenty of fog accumulates in the goggles. A more expensive option would be to buy anti-fogging goggles.

Do Dirt Bike Lenses Scratch Easily?

High-quality lenses are scratch-resistant, but a lot of care should be taken when handling them. When cleaning them, for example, use a soft cloth and minimize the wiping movements.

Some goggles are shipped with their wipes to reduce the damage, as you will often have to wipe them on the road.

Ski Goggles vs Motocross Goggles – What is the Difference?

Snow goggles need better ventilation than motocross goggles due to the snowy conditions they are used in. Ski goggles also offer 100% protection from UVB and UVA rays since skiers are closer to the sun in the mountains.


Dirt bikers need plenty of protective equipment, including goggles for their eyes. While on the road, your eyes will be exposed to the weather elements and debris, and you need goggles that will protect your eye health at all times.

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