Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

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Dirt bike riding is quite exciting for kids. They will enjoy it as they develop confidence and determination along the way. Gasoline dirt bikes, however, do not come cheap, and electric dirt bikes can be a cheaper alternative to introducing your kids to the sport without spending a fortune on actual dirt bikes.


An electric dirt bike can function as a “test unit” where you can evaluate just how much your little one is interested in the sport. If they appreciate it, you can upgrade them to an actual model. The best electric dirt bike for kids include:

1. Razor MX350 Dirt Electric Motocross Bike

Razor is renowned for its electric scooters, and it has also emerged as a top-producer for electric bikes. The MX350 is a scaled down moto-cross bike that is battery powered and optimized for off-road riding.

The bike has a single speed, thanks to a 350-watt power chain powered motor. It is controlled via the twist grip throttle for quiet but powerful performance.

The riser handlebars are adjustable, while the dual suspension is excellent to provide a comfortable ride. The MX350 has been equipped with large knobby tires which measure 12 inches.

It is capable of powering speeds of up to 14mph with no pedaling required. The MX350 is a fun and safe way of introducing children to off-road riding.

The battery supports 30 minutes of road-use per full charge. It has high torque for steep corners and challenging hills.

The MX350 comes in pink and blue versions. The construction is quite sturdy, and its durability is further enhanced by a stainless-steel frame.

It is designed for riders that are over 13 years but under 140 pounds. The MX350 is quite convenient as it comes with its own battery, although some assembly is needed.


2. Razor MX400 Electric Dirt Bike

The Razor MX 400 is an upgrade from the standard entry-level electric dirt bikes. The bike is essentially a newer version of the MX350. It is also bigger than the MX350 at 24.5×45.5×10 inches, and it weighs 62.5 pounds.

The age recommendation is 13 years and older, but taller kids are going to have trouble because of the low-positioned seat.

The weight capacity is recommended at 140 pounds although some users complained that the motor had problems navigating ridges with riders of lesser weight. In practice, the bike may be sufficient for children below ten years.

The wattage remains at 350 with top speeds of 14 mph. The battery will power 30 to 40 minutes of track-riding, which is a slight improvement to the MX350. The charging time is about 12 hours, s with other similar models.

The model is easy to maneuver. The handlebars can be adjusted, the twist throttle is perfectly-designed for kids, and it is incredibly light-weight.

The brakes are effective, but there is no dual-suspension or shocks, and a ride can get bumpy.

The bike is constructed for off-road use, with large 12-inch knobby tires. The fact that it is more costly than the MX350 without any significant upgrades will, however, discourage a great deal of buyers.


3. Razor SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

Razor is continually trying to give riders the best riding experience. Among the company’s proudest products is the SX500 McGrath motocross bike, honored after Jeremy McGrath.

He is better known as the “King of Supercross,” as a credit to his excellence on the motocross track.

It has a steel frame construction, and it is scaled down to reach speeds of 15 mph. You will get more than 40 minutes of continuous use. The front tire is a knobby 6-inch model, coupled with a 14-inch aluminum knobby rear tire.

The tires offer maximum power transfer as well as a smooth ride. The tires have disc brakes that can be manually operated or variable speed settings. The plastic frame can further withstand varying weather conditions. A double crown fork is included for safety purposes.

A battery is included in the model with a charge times of 12 hours. Razor understands that an electric bike should be light enough for kids to use.

The SX500 weighs around 98 pounds to accommodate a rider of about 175 pounds.

It is recommended for users of 14 years and over, although riders between the ages of 8 to 12 will be fine riding it. The bike stands out because of the original McGrath fairing design and graphics.


4. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

The Razor MX650 is constructed to deliver more power for uphill and off-road trails. It comes with a 36-volt battery pack to run for 1 hour on a single charge.

It is powered by a 65-watt battery, and the motor can reach speeds of 17 mph. The speed can be tailored, and a kid can get interested in engineering as they learn the controls of the bike.

The MX650 is meant for older kids. In practice, a responsible kid over ten years will be comfortable to handle the demands of the bike.

It is about twice as fast as standard electric bikes so it should be handled with care. The riser handlebars deliver good grip and comfort. The MX650 is also quiet, which is ideal for neighborhoods.

The design of the MX650 derives inspiration from supercross motorbikes. The steel construction communicates sturdiness and durability.

The tires are 16-inch for solid riding, and it will support weights of up to 220 pounds.


5. Burromax TT250 Electric Dirt Bike

The Burromax TT250 features aluminum alloy wheels and a welded tube steel frame. It has full suspension with adjustable riser handlebars and heavy-duty folding footrest.

The bike’s seat is 21 inches in height while the tires have a 12.5-inch diameter. The tires have twist grip variable acceleration to control speed.

The Burromax TT250 is best described as a scaled down hybrid of a Flat Tracker and a TT Enduro. It features a realistically looking 250W engine.

You can adjust the speed between 14 and 7 Mph. The 24V SLA deep cycle battery generates sufficient power to last the whole day. The bike has strong take-off power and smooth acceleration.

It can accommodate up to 250 lbs and kids of any age. It comes with all the required tools for installation and maintenance. The bike is also packed with accessories like the Burromax training wheels to keep your junior safe.


6. XtremePower US Electric Dirt Bike

This electric dirt bike is suitable for kids, teens and adult with a weight of up to 140 lbs (65 kg).

The XtremePower US has a really cool and durable design, which makes it a good choice for tough terrains. The geometry of the bike provides good stability and easy control.

The powerful chain-driven motor of 500 watts has a high torque, which enables the bike to reach up to 17 mph (28 km/h). The speed of the bike though depends on the terrain as well on the weight of the driver.

The bike comes with a built-in parental control speed adjuster, which enables you to set the maximum speed on the bike. You can set the bike at 5, 9 or 17 mph (8, 15 or 28 km /h), which is a great feature especially for beginner riders.

The bike also has a really strong anti-vibration system, with a hydraulic suspension in the front and spring suspension in the back, making the riding of the bike smooth.

The 36V, 8Ah Li-ion battery will keep you on the road for a few hours, but please note that the riding time depends on the average speed of the riding and also on the terrain.

The XtremePower US dirt bike has a seat height of 24 inches (60 cm) and a weight of 74 pounds (33 kg).


7. SAY YEAH 24V500W Dirt Bike

The scaled down SAY YEAH 24V 500W is well-designed for off-roading. The speeds range between 5 to 15 miles per hour selectable with a key lock.

The motor is chain driven with a twist grip throttle control. It is ideal for kids of age 13 and above with a maximum weight of 150 pounds.


How to Choose an Electric Dirt Bike for your Kid?

Selecting an electric dirt bike is a meticulous exercise since it is an actual vehicle your little one will use and the quality of the model will impact on their safety.

– Quality

A quality electric dirt bike is what all users should go for. You can access the quality of a model by its features. Good vehicles will, for example, have large tires to encourage solid driving.

Dirt bikes are designed for rough terrains, so their construction should bear this in mind. An authentic frame geometry and super grip tires communicate quality. A hard frame will offer maximum support for your junior.

Look for a model that is easy to assemble and which comes with necessary accessories like batteries. Electric dirt bikes may be scaled down, but they can be dangerous for kids all the same.

Some bikes have parental control so that an adult can adjust the speeds as they deem fit. Quality electric bikes also offer the most in terms of protection.

Opt for a bike with adjustable handlebars because a rider can hit their knees on low handlebars. A padded seat is an essential addition for comfort. An ideal unit should be made from excellent craftsmanship and quality materials.

– Durability

A durable electric dirt bike will give you a value for your money and prolong the fun for your little ones. Most bikes come with a welded tube steel frame which protects the bike from dents.

The bike’s build should also be able to handle different weather, including rain without affecting its performance.

– Brands

Before you settle for an electric dirt bike, you should do some research of the renowned brands in the sector. Popular brands include Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and KTM.

Razor is among the most renowned brands in this field, and it has branched out its operations to include electric scooters and pocket bikes.

Getting a bike from a reputable brand will ensure that it is of high quality and durable. Electric dirt bikes have come a long way since their inception. These advancements have pioneered by brands like KTM and Zero.

A recognizable brand provides the best in rideability and quality, and you take advantage of industrial developments.

Another top brand to consider is Buromaxx. For other products, your needs will be met by little-known brands. Dirt bikes for kids are however sensitive, given the risks involved in the sport.

– Price

You may be hesitant to spend cash on a sport you are uncertain on whether your little one will be interested in after a while. At the same time, you intend to get the best in quality and safety. You can get a good model for between $250 to $500 from quality brands.

Although the bikes are not cheap, they do not cost a lot of money. Get a reasonably-priced model because you will likely upgrade as your child grows up. Prices have been coming down as more and more models are released to the market with technological developments.

The cost is further offset by cheap electricity and minimal servicing. Parts like brake pads also last longer, so there are few replacement costs.

– Reviews

Research is an essential stage when looking for an electric dirt bike. Once you have a solid idea of the models and brands you want, it is time to look for any information you can find on them.

Check into forums to evaluate what people like or dislike, any problems they have, useful tips and tricks, and how they ride. Becoming a semi-expert will help when you finally get the bike.

Websites like Amazon offer a chance to explore user reviews and ratings. A model may be the best selection on paper, but it may fall short on the road.

It is, therefore, best to gauge the level of acceptance among other users. In this way, you can know what to expect.


Outdoor sports are a welcome distraction from the screen time children are currently committed to doing. Dirt bikes are one way to get them out of the house and to learn useful skills.

Electronic dirt bikes are a safer option for children in comparison to actual dirt bikes. Your kids will get a feel of the dirt with relatively safer vehicles.

There are many brands to consider, including SAY YEAH, Razor, and Burromax. You may be tempted to buy from an obscure brand, but a reputable brand will offer excellent industry standards. You can evaluate for features like speed, build, battery life, and weight before buying a model.

Your ideal bike should also offer optimal safety features. Electric bikes are not as pricey as adult ones, but you may have to part with a substantial amount to get the very best.

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