Best Ventilated and Hot Weather Dirt Bike Helmets

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If you are searching for the best ventilated and hot weather dirt bike helmet, you possibly know that the process of selecting one is not easy. You will have to base your selections on more than just what appeals to your eyes.


Best Ventilated and Hot Weather Dirt Bike Helmets

I have prepared this guide to help you know what you should look for when buying a helmet. A motorcycle offers more freedom for the rider when off-road.

Unlike motor vehicles, which are usually enclosed, ATVs and motorcycles do not have structural safety for the riders. If a crash occurred, the head will require the most protection. Whether you are an experienced rider or not, you will definitely require a quality helmet.

A more recent statistic showed that around 60 percent of all road crash deaths involve motorbikes. The major causes of death are brain injuries and head damage. Helmets are 37 percent effective in the prevention of deaths.

The top ventilated and hot weather dirt bike helmets in the market today:

1. Klim F3 Helmet ECE/DOT Blue Camo Adult Size 2XL

Klim F3 Helmet is a great riding partner, especially when it comes to off-road riding. The manufacturer uses composite shell construction, which means that the helmet is strong and lightweight in addition to boasting a sleek design.

The Structure Mapped Composite construction is a very new comfort liner system, which ensures that the ventilation is effective. The manufacturer has designed the helmet to reduce neck fatigue while maximizing the protection from impacts.

The helmet is strong and suitable for off-road motorcycling. The manufacturer uses Mapped Composite base material in the right places to reduce the overall weight.

With the new technology, you will enjoy around 10 percent of small external dimensions and sleek comfortable feet from the three shell sizes. The thirteen air intake vents and the six exhaust ports allow optimal dispersion of heat when stationary.


  • The helmet offers a wide unobstructed field of view to ensure that the rider does not miss an epic view
  • The custom EPS and the internal liner will secure your head completely and the EPS 3D Ergonomic cheek pads and the liner foam ensure that the helmet fits perfectly
  • Has a very low weight
  • The manufacturer uses antibacterial/microbial fast wicking textiles


  • Expensive


2. Fly Racing 2018 F2 Carbon Helmet

Fly worked hard to ensure that every feature stands out. The helmet features six Energy Cells situated between the padding liner and the EPS.

They are made of active strain-rate sensitive materials that absorb more energy and hardly transfer it to other places. The material is squishy, rubbery and can smash in every direction and compress straight down. The purpose of these pads is to help with any rotational impact.

Conehead Technology is accurate on everything it tries to get across. There are EPS foam cones that create progressive energy absorption.

And because most helmet impacts occur at the back of the rider’s head and the crown, Fly decided to beef up these areas with more EPS. The extra foam is of low density than the standardized EPS foam, which means that it will absorb more energy in the impact zones.

The manufacturer uses 12,000 carbon filaments for every band to make the helmet shell, which means that it is very strong and needs lesser resin for holding it together. The helmet is lighter than the 3K carbon, which some manufacturers use. The helmet only weighs 2.92 pounds and therefore it is among the lightest.


  • The helmet fits comfortably
  • It looks great
  • It is affordable


  • The highlights are limited


3. O’Neal Unisex-Adult Road Style 2Series Helmet SPYDE

The O’Neal’s 2Series Helmet is one of the inexpensive wallets and of great quality. Apart from being an excellent safety gear for ATVs, it is also perfect for street-motor scooters, snowmobiles and utility vehicles.

The manufacturer has been in the motorcycle industry for the last five decades and within that time, they have established a great name for themselves.

They have been manufacturing trustworthy helmets, motorcycles, spare parts and more accessories.

This helmet is among the lightest helmets I have tested recently. The weight stands at 3.04 pounds, which means that you will not feel any heavy burden on your head after wearing it.

The CoolMax liner will make you cool throughout your rides. Immediately you start sweating, its padded inner layer will begin wicking away any sweat to keep you dry. And after it gets dirty, you will be able to pull it out, wash and then replace it easily.

For adequate air circulation, the manufacturer incorporates multiple air vents. Its side-by-side vents will allow penetration of air into the helmet and the four ports will act as the exhaust channels. If you like the design and graphics, then the helmet is a perfect choice. It is a beautiful multi-colored helmet.


  • It is affordable
  • It looks great
  • It features a bar for the adventure tour helmets
  • You can flip down the internal sun visor


  • It features mesh inner pads
  • It is not as ventilated as most other dirt bike helmets in the market


4. Troy Lee Designs Adult Polyacrylite SE4 Jet

The size of your bank account should not determine the level of safety you get. With that in mind, the Troy Lee Designs has introduced the SE4 Polyacrylate Helmet, which is a carbon copy of the SE4 siblings.

The manufacturer adopted a design that incorporates triple density EPS liner that absorbs low and higher speed impacts and EPP liner to reinforce the chin bar.

The SE4 Polyacrylate uses the MIPS protection system, which is among the more recent innovations in the helmet world. The Troy Lee lever allows a perfect fit and the design and finish are great. In other words, you will get the best value for your money.


  • The brain protection system is known to reduce rotational forces to the brain if a crash occurred
  • The shell construction is technologically advanced
  • It comes in three different sizes
  • It has a perfect intake and exhaust port to channel air
  • The removable snap-in is washable


  • The features are limited


5. HJC Helmets Unisex-Adult FG-MX Helmet

This helmet is the king of beginner level racing helmets. The manufacturer ensures that it is of great quality and it is not comparable to the helmets within the same price range. One of the factors that make this helmet shine is its customizability.

You should not expect anything glaring from this model. The HJC FG-MX Helmet is a canvas helmet and the manufacturer has ensured that it is futuristic.

If you are a customization enthusiast, you just need to look for an artist and try your imagination. You will have the chance of trying something from fiction or something cool. Most of the users claim that the helmet looks and feels great.


  • It is simply a solid helmet
  • The manufacturer uses racing helmets canvas
  • The great quality shield visor features lock mechanisms and extra release features


  • Does not have many highlights
  • Speaking of the build, the helmet is on the average side


6. Fox Racing V1 Matte Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

The 2019 Fox V1 Matte Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet is a perfect choice for two key reasons. It is lightweight because the large –sized ones only weigh 1.9 pounds.

The other feature that you will definitely like during your purchase is the magnetic visor release technology. The purpose of the system is to program the visor so that whenever a crash happens, it releases the helmet automatically.

To enhance the rider’s comfort, the helmet features comfortable cheek pads and dri-lex liner. Therefore, if a crash happens, its multi-directional impacts protection system will allow the head to slide from its point of impact.

The manufacturer incorporates the technology between the helmet liner and the EPS. Fundamentally, it will work to minimize rotational injuries that can damage your brain.

The two frontal vents and the rear part around the neck facilitate the flow of air. In the hot summer weather, the air will bring a cooling effect to reduce sweating. The helmet will also keep you warm during the cold weather.


  • It features an effective visor release system
  • The inlet and exhaust vents allow maximum ventilation
  • It has a very long chin bar
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • It has a beautiful matte finish


  • It is noisy


7. Bell MX-9 MIPS Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

The Bell’s motorcycle helmet is among the newest flagship helmets in the market for motorcyclists. Even though it might not be the cheapest, it is among the best quality helmets you can get in 2019.

In fact, it knocks down every mark of comfort, ventilation, style and safety. The vents on both the back and front side of the helmet mean that you will remain cool throughout your riding sessions. Another feature that makes it more comfortable is the high-quality inner liner.

You will never worry about spending your hot afternoons on off-road tracks because you will not sweat.

One of the safety features you will see on the helmet is the MIPS technology, a Bell’s innovation. After taking off its top liner, you will see a special crown, which offers more protection from the angular impacts. Its chinstrap and cheek liner have magnets that keep them in place when riding and allow easier removal in case of an emergency.

The helmet also features a special implant in its crown that allows the use of a pump to remove the helmet in case of an accident to protect the head from more stress. The helmet is from a trusted name and it is suitable for professional riders and beginners alike.


  • Comfey
  • It is a professional grade helmet
  • The manufacturer provides it many designs
  • The ventilation is more effective


  • It is expensive


How to Choose a Well-Ventilated Dirt Bike Helmet?

Unless you understand the importance of a helmet, you are likely to avoid the quality ones, particularly if they are seemingly expensive. When purchasing a helmet, most people focus on the class and style but the two aspects should come last.

Start by considering the type of helmet you want to purchase. Manufacturer offer well-ventilated helmets in various designs and unique features. Here are some of the things to consider during your purchase.

– Shell Design and Protection Level

If you have worn the helmet appropriately, it will protect you properly in case of a crash. In the United States, all motorbike helmets have to meet the Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. The purpose of these standards is to ensure that all products have passed through rigorous safety measures.

Every motorcycle helmet has to pass the minimum requirements, regardless of the safety options and the price range. Check for the DOT sticker in the helmet you intend to purchase to ensure that you are buying something that is perfect for motorbike riding.

The shell design is also vital. Every cycling helmet must have a form of retention system so that it can remain on the head in case of hard impact. The helmets have two main types of retention – the chinstrap and the tightening mechanism.

A chinstrap will connect both sides of your helmet and wrap under the chin. The strap should not be very loose because it could slip over the chin and if it is very tight, it might choke you. The strap should have a buckle so that the user can resize it and fit it properly.

The tightening mechanism is a type of tightening system in the form of a dial at the back of a helmet that you will use to adjust the interior of your helmet so that it can fit snugly to the head. The ratchet type is uncommon.

– Air Ventilation

Ventilation is among the most important factors to look for when buying a helmet for off-road biking. Even though it does not affect the overall effectiveness of a helmet, it will help make the helmet more comfortable. A well-ventilated helmet will be cool and it will be different from a sweatbox.

Ensure that the helmet fits snuggly and offering enough ventilation ports so that wind can flow into and out of the helmet freely. As a result, you will remain comfortable when riding the bike and you will hardly sweat.

– Budget

When it comes to the purchase, you will have to check the price and ensure that it fits your budget. Actually, most buyers check the price and forget about everything else. That is not recommendable and you have to get more value for your money.

Spend most of your time researching and ensure that the helmet you are about to purchase is more protective. It is always good you check whether the product comes with a warranty because it will highly contribute to the value of the helmet you are about to buy.

If something unexpected happens, the warranty will offer you the chance to rectify the issue without spending any extra amount.


Not all motorbike helmets are the same. Even though some meet the Department of Transport requirements, others will not. Some manufacturers go beyond the standards and others do not consider them.

When searching for a helmet, you will have to ensure that it is certified. After that, you can base your selection on the other features.

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