How Do You Customize Your Dirt Bike?

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A perfect dirt bike is every child’s dream. Rest assured that if your kids have ever shown an interest in motocross or dirt bike then their greatest wish is to have their own bikes. And not just any ordinary bike but that which is unique to their taste and preference as well as performance.


How to Customize Your Dirt Bike?

As parents with endless love for your children, you can help them realize their dream by acquiring dirt bikes that suit their needs. Be like a genie and grant them their wishes in a simple way.

You can do it by getting to the nearby dirt bike showroom, buy bikes and then customize them according to their preferences. That should not be something to make you frown when you know pretty well that it can be done.

Instill a sense of pride in your kids by customizing their bikes and they will always be grateful to you. The best way to start the customization process is none other than acquiring good quality custom dirt bike graphics from Amazon.

These set of graphics will help you achieve that unique look and style that will forever stand out from the crowd much to the delight of your kids. So, how do you go about with customizing your dirt bike?

Different Ways of Customizing Your Dirt Bike

Nothing gives a good customizing experience like custom dirt bike graphics. These graphics provide you with the best platform to get started with your dirt bike customization effortlessly.

Once you are done with this process, your bike will have a new professional look that will place you some miles ahead of your immediate competitors.

This is to say that your customized dirt bike will place you in a better position especially if you are looking forward to making an MX career.

The new look of your dirt bike will attract the attention of the competition as well as potential sponsors in a manner suggesting that you mean business.

You may opt for the custom dirt bike graphics to guide you on how you can customize your bike from a performance point of view. Here are a few tips that you can use to customize your dirt bike:

Upgrade the Pipe

You don’t have to replace the old pipe with a new one when you can easily upgrade it to achieve better performance.

Upgrading the pipe on your dirt bike is a noble step that will enhance its overall performance. Before you even get there, you need to factor a few things here and there when choosing the ideal pipe for this task.

This is important because if you don’t put some factors into consideration you may end up messing your bike in the process. If your dirt bike has a two-stroke engine, the choice of your pipe should be determined by the nature of riding.

For instance, you will require a different pipe for the MX as opposed to Supercross because these are two different rides thus the different types of pipes.

But if you are looking for a top-end or something more advanced you may think of replacing the whole system on your bike.

This is applicable especially for the four-stroke bikes whereby replacing the entire system helps in reducing the weight. An overhaul of the whole system plays a very important role in enhancing performance given that the burden of extra weight will have been eliminated to make your bike more efficient than before.

It’s important to upgrade the pipe on your dirt bike as one way of customizing it to your taste.

Upgrade the Suspension

There’s nothing new about upgrading the suspension on dirt bikes. In fact, it’s one of the most common upgrades you can think of when it comes to customizing motorbikes. It is also one of the costly upgrades available in dirt bikes but this should not discourage you from achieving your goal.

After all, upgrading the suspension of your bike will give you an edge over your competitors and you won’t regret making such a decision.

For better results, you may need to reach out for some professional help because this type of upgrade requires someone well experienced and knowledgeable enough to handle the whole process.

This is a great chance to improve your dirt bike and you shouldn’t let it slip from your hand if you truly want to stay ahead of the competition.

Once the suspension is properly installed you are going to be amazed by your dirt bike’s ability to endure landings, attack turns, traverse the rugged terrain and float through any whoop in the same way a rock skips across the water.

Install New Reeds

Reeds come into play where four-stroke bikes use intake valves while the two-stroke ones apply reeds to prevent fuel and air from flowing back into the carb when the power stroke is in action.

Whenever you notice that your dirt bike is running slower than it is supposed to, take your time to examine the reeds for any issues.

The condition of your bike does not matter provided that the reeds are in good working condition. This explains why you should consider upgrading your brand new bike with carbon fiber reeds to enhance its performance.

New fiber reeds on your dirt bike will work efficiently while providing your motorbike with more horsepower and better response every time you crank its throttle.

Upgrade the Gearing System

When you upgrade the gearing, you should expect to see a great change in your dirt bike’s performance. This is one of those costly upgrades that may require you to reach out for experienced help just in case. Before you get started, you need to have clear goals of what you want to accomplish as far as upgrading the gearing is concerned.

Some of your goals may include the need to enhance acceleration or increase your bike’s speed to the best levels ever. Make up your mind about what you are looking for before spending your cash on this type of dirt bike customization. Most importantly, you should get professional help with this task.

Add a Steering Damper

Installing a steering damper to your dirt bike can create a big difference in its performance. The steering damper will keep the handlebars stable thus relieving you of some stress on your hands, arms, and shoulders.

This can be helpful if you are fond of off-road activities involving rough and unpredictable terrain. The good think about dampers is that you can adjust them to provide you with an enormous advantage over other riders using the stock steering system.

Jet the Carbs

Jetting the carbs is not as easy as taking a walk in the park. To be precise, this customization process is not the simplest thing to get it done right. This is because when jetting the carbs, you will be adjusting the fuel or air mixture so that you don’t happen to run too lean or rich especially when racing at a higher altitude for a while before shifting to ride at the sea level.

If it happens that way, the electronic fuel injection within your bike will render jetting the carbs less effective. Before this happens, get yourself a good jet kit so you may run the correct mix to achieve the right conditions.

Little Things Count the Most

All of the above-mentioned processes are fairly effective and involved when it comes to customization of your dirt bike. Unfortunately, a number of them will compel you to dig deeper into your pockets to make them a reality.

But, there are simpler methods you can use to customize your bike. These processes are not as glamorous as you would expect but will have a great impact on the performance of your dirt bike.

The foot pegs, seat grips, and other little things play a crucial role in giving you comfort and ability to stay focused while riding your bike. Being comfortable while you are on your bike is a very important factor that will help settle your mind while closing the gap between you and your immediate competitor or when turning a sharp corner.

Make sure that every little thing you come across on your dirt bike counts the most concerning your body type and size.

Final Thought

Even though customization of your dirt bike may cost you a fortune, the advantages of doing so give you an edge over other competitors. In addition, you can have your dirt bike customized in your own style and taste.

While some customization processes might be simple and affordable, others are expensive and require professional assistance to accomplish them.

Whichever the case, the results should matter the most. During the customization process, you may upgrade your pipe, the suspension on the bike, install new reeds, upgrade the gear system, add a steering damper or get the carbs.

Also, you may want to consider a few little things that count the most when riding your bike as a way of improving its performance and giving you comfort that you deserve.

You can customize your dirt bike by implementing all or some of the customization tips mentioned in the discussion above.

Every tip will help mold your bike to suit your body, temperament, and goals. But keep in your mind that you can make everything possible with the help of custom dirt bike graphics.

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