Dirt Bike Helmet Size Chart

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Dirt bikes are great fun if you love off-road riding in the most rugged terrain you can think of. But taking your riding skills to the unpaved surfaces is not for the faint-hearted as such.


Dirt Bike Helmet Size Chart

Despite the fun and adventures that come with riding dirt bikes, there are risks involved as well. The good news is that you can overcome all those risks if only you take safety measures to be your priority.

This should tell you that your safety is the most important factor to consider before jumping on your dirt bike. It doesn’t matter whether you are an adrenaline junkie or just a newbie in the world of dirt bike riding.

What is important in this case is to take your safety seriously every time you are traversing rugged terrains, climbing hills or evading rocks and tree stumps in the forest while on your dirt bike. And one of the most outstanding safety gears that is a must-have for every motorist is the helmet.

The helmet plays a critical role in protecting the head against injuries when your dirt bike gets involved in a crash.

However, the choice of your dirt bike helmet matters the most especially when it comes to the size. Choosing the correct helmet size is the first step to taking your safety concerns to the next level.

If you are an experienced motorist you will agree that your helmet is second to none in protecting you during your routine dirt bike riding. That’s why every rider must acquire a helmet that is of the right size let alone the style or the cost.

It doesn’t imply that other factors such as the model and cost are less important but your safety takes priority over anything else. For that reason, you should invest your money and time looking for the right helmet no matter what. After all, your life is the most precious thing you can think of, hence no need to gamble with it.


In this article, you are going to come across some useful information that will guide you accordingly on your mission to finding the correct dirt bike helmet size. To achieve this goal, you will have to familiarize yourself with the dirt bike helmet size chart to get a clear picture of what you need.

Selecting the perfect helmet size is not a walk in the park as many people would make you think. In fact, the whole exercise requires you to carry out some research by outsourcing information from individuals and groups alike. It sounds like a challenging task but in the end, you will find it to be quite rewarding, to say the least.

But you can make the whole process easier by simply turning to the dirt bike helmet size chart for guidance. The chart is one of the most essential tools in providing relevant information that every dirt bike rider needs to know regarding their safety.

You too can benefit a lot from the information contained in the dirt bike helmet size chart. This chart is designed to provide you with the complete guide on different types of helmets in relation to the helmet size, head circumference and hat size in various measurements.

Dirt Bike Helmet Size Chart for Youth

Below is a good example of the chart that you can relate to when choosing your dirt bike helmet size. The chart will provide you with the vital information on different helmet sizes so you may find out which one suits you or someone close to you (especially the youth).

2XL 1 ⅛ -8 24 ¾ -25 ¼ 63-64
2XS 6 ⅜ -6 ½ 20-20 ½ 51-52
3XL 8 ⅛ -8 ¼ 25 ⅝ -26 65-66
L 7 ⅜ -7 ½ 23 ¼ -23 ⅝ 57-58
M 7 ⅛ -7 ¼ 22 ½ -22 ⅞ 57-58
S 6 ⅞ -7 21 ⅝ -22 55-56
XL 7 ⅝ -6 ¾ 24-24 ⅜ 61-62
XS 6 ⅝ -6 ¾ 20 ⅞ -21 ¼ 53-54
Youth L 6 ⅝ -6 ¾ 20 ⅞ -21 ¼ 53-54
Youth L/XL 6 ⅜-6 ½ 20-20 ½ 53-54
Youth M 6 ⅜ -6 ½ 20-20 ½ 51-52
Youth S 6 ⅛ -6 ¼ 19 ¼ -19 ¾ 49-50
Youth S/M 6 ⅛ -6 ¼ 19 ¼ -19 ¾ 49-50

The dirt bike helmet chart is quite helpful and you can use it to find the best helmet for you and your loved ones. The chart contains information on dirt bike helmets for the youth who might be in need of this essential safety gear.

All the figures in the chart above are just estimates that you can use to compare and contrast the different types of dirt bike helmets. In the real sense, this chart acts as an ultimate guide to acquiring the recommended safety headgear that will make you feel secure and comfortable.

Unfortunately, some individual dirt bike riders pick any helmet they come across without necessarily using any guidance. Take advantage of the dirt bike helmet size chart and get yourself the best safety gear ever. As a matter of fact, you can customize your newly acquired dirt bike helmet to suit your style.

This means you can add a few colorful stickers on your helmet to make it more attractive while representing your own unique style.

Dirt Bike Helmet Size Chart for Adults

Dirt bike riding is loved and adored by people of different ages starting from kids all the way to the elderly. But one common factor binding all these groups is their safety and that is why helmets should be used properly to offer that much-needed protection just in case.

If you are an adult, you should not overlook your safety thinking that you are experienced enough to stay in harm’s way. Dirt bike accidents and crashes are extremely dangerous to anyone involved regardless of age, status, and gender.

As such, you can keep yourself safe and comfortable by simply reaching out for the right dirt bike helmet to protect you against head injuries and bad weather conditions. Here is a comprehensive dirt bike helmet size chart that you can use as your reference point when buying a helmet (for adults).

3XS 17 ⅛ -18 43.5-45.7  5 ⅘  -5 ¾
2XS 18 ⅛ -19 46-48.3 5 ¾ -6
XS 19 ⅛ -20 48.6-50.8 6-6 ⅜
S 20 ⅛ -21 51.1-53.3 6 ⅖ -6 ⅔
M 21 ⅛ -22 53.7-55.9 6 ⅝ -7
L 22 ⅛ -23 56.2-58.4 7- 7 ⅓
XL 23 ⅛ -24 58.7-60 7 ⅓ -7 ⅔
2XL 24 ⅛ -25 61.3-63.5 7 ⅔ -8
3XL 25 ⅛ -26 63.8-66 8-8 ⅖
4XL 26 ⅛ -27 66.4-68.6 8 ⅓ -8 ⅗

From the chart above, you can easily make up your mind on the type of dirt bike helmet that can fit you well. This chart is a good guide that every adult looking to embark on dirt bike riding should make good use of when choosing the right helmet size.

Even if the rest of the dirt bike safety gear is important, the helmet turns out to be the most important of all because it covers your head. Of course, your head is a very vital part of your body and your well-being in general thus the need to keep it safe by all means.

Dirt Bike Helmet Size Chart for Kids

Kids are also a great fan of dirt bike riding and their safety is of great importance as well. That is the reason there is a specially designed dirt bike helmet size chart for kids of a certain age and above.

These young riders need more safety and protection every time they get on their dirt bikes. As a parent, you should understand that your kids are not as strong as adults when it comes to riding dirt bikes. Therefore, it is your full responsibility to ensure that they are wearing the right dirt bike helmet and other safety gear throughout.

Some of them might not be aware of the importance of wearing helmets but that should not give you a reason to relax on their safety matters. Instead, you should help them find the best helmet sizes for their heads. For better information on this subject matter, take a look at the chart below and find out more about your kids’ dirt bike helmet sizes.

S 15 ⅛ -16 38.4-40.6 4 ⅘ -5
M 16 ⅛ -17 41-43.2 5 ⅛ -5 ⅖
L 17 ⅛ -18 43.5-45.7 5 ⅛ -5 ¾

The chart gives you an estimate of helmet sizes for children to choose from.  To find the right size, you can start by taking the measurements of your kids’ heads, especially the circumference in order to have an idea of what you should expect in terms of dirt bike helmet sizes.

Once you have obtained the measurements, you can use this data to compare it with the information in the chart so you may find the right size of your kids’ helmet.

The next step after identifying the ideal helmet for your young ones is to let them try on and see if they fit properly. Also, you should find out if the selected helmets are comfortable on your kids’ heads before making your final decision. At least, you can always rely on the dirt bike helmet size chart to get the perfect headgear for you and your young ones.

How to Obtain Helmet Measurements?

A perfect helmet fit is critical to your comfort as well as performance in case of an accident or collision. This is the main reason you should not wear any helmet because it looks trendy and stylish without considering a snug fit.

You should never buy a dirt bike helmet based on how it looks or the price. Even though these two factors determine the choice of a helmet, it is advisable to reach out to a more fitting and highly rated dirt bike helmet you can possibly lay your hands on.

Investing in a good dirt bike helmet requires a lot of research on your side. Why is this the case? Doing a little research helps you to have a full understanding of various shapes, sizes and most importantly, the best fit.

That’s why experts are of the opinion that the best dirt bike helmets are those that fit comfortably, allowing those wearing them to ride along any terrain without inhibiting their range of motion or performance. So, how do you obtain the correct measurements of your ideal helmet?

There are several ways and tricks you can use to size a dirt bike helmet. To begin with, take a tailor or seamstress tape measure and wrap it horizontally around the head. Make sure the tape runs an inch above your ears and eyebrows. This is the best way of measuring the largest part of your head.

Proceed to select the dirt bike helmet size that almost matches that of your head and try it on. More often than not, your head measurements will fall within two helmet sizes.

This is not a bad idea at all considering that different brands of dirt bike helmets have slightly different specifications including measurements. Anyway if this happens then go ahead and try putting on the smaller one to see if it fits well.

To know if the helmet of your choice fits well the first thing you should notice is its ability to snug. When the helmet snugs, just know it is perfect for your head. But if it doesn’t snug, then it is too large for your head.

Another way of finding out if the helmet is too large for your head is to wear it and fasten the chin strap. Try to move your head to test if it is the right size.

Should you notice that the helmet in question moves easily from all sides, and up or down without shaking your head, just know the helmet is too large for your head. Definitely, this is not a good choice of a helmet for you.

Keep on trying other smaller sizes until you get the one which fits perfectly on your head. While trying out, keep in your mind that different types of helmets fit different types of head shapes.

For instance, a helmet that fits one rider perfectly is likely not to fit another person despite having the same size as the head.

This is an interesting observation because different people have different head shapes and that explains why there are emerging differences when it comes to the choice of dirt bike helmets.

This brings us to the question of different head shapes in relation to the sizes of dirt bike helmets.

Basically, there are about three major types of head shapes. These include the oval head shape, round head shape, and egg head shape.

Starting with the oval head shape, you will be surprised to realize that this type of head shape is sometimes referred to as long oval. Much to your amazement, the oval head shape is the most common of the well-known head shapes today.

When it comes to the round head shape, there are features that make it different from others. This type of head shapes is characterized by being wider right in the middle and approximately close to the temples.

With the egg shape, you can easily identify it because it gets wider towards the top and narrows at the bottom. For now, you can easily tell the type of head you have based on these three examples.

This information will definitely guide you accordingly when ordering your dirt bike helmet. Once you get to know your head shape, it will be easier to narrow down your selection on the readily available dirt bike helmet sizes.

At least you will have an easy time while going through a smaller and more appropriate list of a few helmets that will fit your head properly.

Choosing a Dirt Bike Helmet

It is clear that when you wear a new dirt bike helmet it will be slightly tight. This is due to the fact that the interior of your new helmet feels tight because it is getting into contact with most parts of your head for the first time. Make sure that the helmet is comfortable and not causing you some pain despite being a little bit tight on your head.

When wearing the helmet, look out for the hot spots or spaces where the inside part of the helmet exerts more pressure on certain points of your skull or face.

Once you realize that there are hot spots, find the best ways of eliminating them to stay comfortable while wearing your helmet.

Also, your dirt bike helmet should not shake freely or just move around unless it is too large for your head. If that is the case, then look for a more fitting dirt bike helmet for your head.

The good news is that as time goes by, your helmet adjusts gradually to match your head shape. It happens that way as you continuously wear your helmet causing it to ‘break in’ and loosen a little bit thus fitting nicely on your head.

Take precautions not to allow your helmet to become too loose to the point of turning around freely. To know if this safety headgear is a good fit for your head, watch out for the following:

  • When you put on your dirt bike helmet, it should not be too tight or too lose as it goes on your head.
  • After you have put on your helmet, check to ensure that it sits on your head evenly with its eye ports upper edge fitting nicely on your face and just above your eyebrows. This way, you will be able to have a good peripheral vision that will enable you to have a panoramic view ahead.
  • Place your finger between your head and the helmet interior. If your finger fits, then you should try a smaller size helmet.

Quite a number of helmet brands and models give some little allowance at the cheek pads to enable you to have a better fitment. So, check out for this feature when buying a proper helmet size.

What about style? Well, when making the decision to have a new helmet, the style will depend on what you like. Even though helmets come in different brands, models and sizes, the style is actually a personal choice that is based mainly on patterns, color and shield tint.

Speaking of the shield tint, just keep in mind that the brighter it looks, the easier it is to see through. That makes the tinted visors a perfect choice for those riding in sunny conditions.

Why Choose a Fitting Dirt Bike Helmet?

A good fitting dirt bike helmet is an essential safety gear for every rider. This is because helmets have been in use for quite long and statistics show that they can save lives and minimize injuries when accidents occur.

For young dirt bike riders, the need to wear helmets is out of the question given that dirt biking is a risky undertaking even to the experienced riders. Therefore, no one should gamble with their lives when a simple act of putting on a helmet can offer maximum protection anytime, anywhere.

When shopping for the dirt bike helmet for yourself, it is important to know the right measurements of your head. At the same time, you should be knowledgeable about the shape of your head. These two factors play a very significant role in choosing the right dirt bike helmet for you or your young ones.

For the measurements, you just need a few simple steps to get the right figures of the circumference of your head. These figures will help you find your perfect helmet easily and quickly.

Above all, the right helmet is worth investing in if you truly care about your safety or that of your kids every time you are out there riding your dirt bike.

Final Thought

One of the best and most effective safety measures a dirt bike rider can invest in is none other than the helmet. Actually, your helmet is beyond comparison, especially with the other motorbike safety gear. This is true because it offers more protection and comfort that is worth your investment and safety in the event of an accident.

For that reason, you need to take into account the dirt bike helmet size charts to act as your ultimate guide when ordering your helmet. The charts contain very vital information that will easily enable you to make the right choice of your safety gear without wasting your time.

Additionally, the chart will discourage you from making some guesswork regarding the correct size that can fit perfectly on your head. This should tell you clearly that the choice of your dirt bike helmet is not determined by its appearance or the price but the size.

Once you get the ideal helmet size, you can rest assured that everything else will just fall in place. therefore, find your perfect helmet size and stay safe throughout your dirt bike riding adventures.

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