Razor Electric Dirt Bikes Compared – Which Model to Choose?

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What comes into your mind whenever you hear someone talking about Razor dirt bikes? It is clear that the mention of Razor dirt bikes takes you to the well-known and respected US brand that deals with these amazing bikes.


Razor Electric Dirt Bikes

This is actually an icon of the American way of life that has suddenly become a symbol of fun and spirit of freedom.

These stylish and unique dirt bikes are increasingly becoming a phenomenon as many people find them to be a source of excellent riding experience.

Combined with the cutting edge technology, Razor dirt bikes are priced affordably for anyone looking to try out on outdoor activities.

The popularity of Razor dirt bikes has gone beyond all barriers to be embraced by people of all ages, kids included. In simpler terms, these dirt bikes are designed for different age groups including you. At least you can find something that will suit your needs.

Every Razor dirt bike is unique in a way that fascinates every rider. This is attributed to the fact that these dirt bikes are designed with some special sets of features that make them excellent off-road performers. As a matter of fact, these dirt bikes make a perfect choice of a gift for your young ones.

Kids are always adventurous in nature and they will find riding dirt bikes to be more exciting and fun than anything else.

If you want to prove this statement to be true, get your kids some Razor dirt bikes and you will be surprised to see them abandon their Games Consoles, iPads and the rest of electronic gadgets just to get onto their new bikes.

This should tell you that dirt bikes are a few of the things that not only motivate kids the most. That’s why Razor dirt bikes are always impressive, adorable and a force to reckon when it comes to spending some quality time away from the comfort of your home.

That being said, you should know that buying a Razor dirt bike for your kid is one of the best investments you can be proud of in addition to making your kids happy. This is the greatest of all the gifts that your child will be grateful for many years to come.

However, you will only achieve this goal if you choose the best Razor bike for your kid from the available models on the market today.

Learn more about Razor dirt bike comparison chart illustrated in this article so you may have a clear picture of what you should take into account when buying a dirt bike for your kid or anyone close to you.

During the selection of your dirt bike, you need to consider a few factors. These are the age of the rider and comfortability of the bike itself.

Other factors like the color and model should also be of great importance especially when making your final decision on the type of model you want to buy.

Razor Dirt Rocket (Bike) Comparison Chart

Take a look at the chart below to have an idea of what you should look forward to when looking for the perfect Razor Dirt bike for your kids.

Razor MX350

Razor SX350

Razor MX400

Razor MX500

Razor SX500

Razor MX650

Battery* 24 Volt (2 x 12v) 24 Volt (2 x 12v) 24 Volt (2 x 12v) 36 Volt (2 x 12v) 36 Volt (2 x 12v) 36 Volt (2 x 12v)
Motor High-torque, chain-driven High-torque, chain-driven High-torque, chain-driven 500-watt Variable-speed, high-torque, chain-driven 650-watt
Max Run Time 30 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes 40 minutes 40 minutes 40 minutes
Charge Time 12 hours 12 hours 12 hours 12 hours 12 hours 12 hours
Max Speed 14 mph (22 km/h) 14 mph (22 km/h) 14 mph (22 km/h) 15 mph (24 km/h) 15 mph (24 km/h) 17 mph (27 km/h)
Bike Weight 33.1 lbs. 33.1 lbs. 61.5 lbs. 112 lbs. 98 lbs. 98.2 lbs.
Age 13+ 13+ 13+ 14+ 14+ from 16 years old
Dimensions (inches) 44 x 24.5 x 31 44 x 24.5 x 31 45.1 x 10.8 x 25 46.5 x 13.7 x 26 56 x 36 x 24.5 56 x 24.5 x 36
Rider Weight 140 lbs. / 64 kg 140 lbs. / 64 kg 140 lbs. / 64 kg 175 lbs. / 80 kg 175 lbs. / 80 kg 220 lbs. / 100 kg
Wheels 12” pneumatic, knobby tires 12” pneumatic, knobby tires 12” pneumatic, knobby tires 16″ and 14″ knobby tires Motorcycle-spec tires with front- and rear-specific tread Rear adjustable suspension & front inverted fork

*Battery: All Razor electric dirt bikes come with sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries.

The chart gives you a comprehensive Razor dirt bike comparison among different models that you will find to be very helpful. In essence, this is a compilation of all the vital information for your convenience.

This means you can find your free time to go through the chart to familiarize yourself with the relevant information needed when choosing Razor dirt bikes. Certainly, you will find the chart to be of great importance to you or anyone else with the intention of acquiring Razor dirt bikes.

The chart is simple and easy to understand. For instance, you can tell that the Razor MX-350 ( on the chart) is the smallest while Razor MX-650 is the largest in terms of size and other underlying features.

As such, ensure that you look out for the battery capacity, riding limit, the time it takes a battery to charge fully, speed, the weight of the bike, the age limit for the rider in relation to the bike, type of suspension, size of tires, color and nature of the noise produced by the bike before making your final move to acquire a particular type of Razor dirt bike.

All these factors should guide you accordingly when choosing Razor dirt bikes for your kids and yourself. By the time you make your final decision on the model of dirt bikes you want to buy, you will confidently do so knowing that you are settling for the best bike among the rest.

How do You Choose a Razor Dirt Bike?

Choosing a Razor dirt bike is not as simple as taking a stroll in the park and coming back. You need to be fully knowledgeable about some key factors that will help you in determining the choice of a dirt bike you are looking for. Here are a few things you need to consider when buying a Razor dirt bike:

The Size of the Razor Dirt Bike

It is important to know that Razor dirt bikes are miniature versions of the usual dirt bikes for grown-ups. These little bikes are safe and quite handy when it comes to riding them along the rugged terrain or unpaved surfaces.

When choosing the best model for your young kids, you need to start by looking at their respective ages, weight, height and riding experience. That explains better why these bikes come in various sizes.

These sizes include the Razor MX-350, Razor MX-400, Razor MX-500 and Razor MX0650. Inasmuch as many people get confused about these sizes, you can clearly see that they are different starting from the smallest all the way to the largest.

Don’t go too small

Even though these Razor dirt bikes come as MX-350, MX-400, MX-500, and MX-650 for kids aged between 12 and 16 respectively, you should never dwell on this information all the time. Why is this the case?

From numerous customers’ reviews, it was discovered that the recommended ages for users of Razor dirt bikes in relation to their sizes were actually off the scale. Such observation can turn out to be a worrying trend among potential buyers but there’s nothing for you to worry about now that you can access the Razor dirt bike comparison chart for clarification.

However, it is recommended that you take into account the following:

You must go for the Razor MX-350 only if your kids are aged between 5 to 8 years. This is a perfect choice of the Razor dirt bikes for those kids that have no prior riding experience. But if your kids already know how to ride bicycles pretty well, you can let them try their skills on the MX-350.

When it comes to the Razor MX-400, it is important to know that this size can as well be a perfect choice for the taller six-year-old riders. Needless to say, you can let your kid start riding straight away on the MX-400 without necessarily going for MX-350.

If your choice of a dirt bike is the Razor MX-500 (meant for kids between 8 and 14 years old) you can allow your kids to give it a try, provided that they have riding experience. These bikes are known to have powerful 500 Watt electric engines that can deliver more torque than the smaller ones.

Razor MX-650 (for kids aged more than 10 years) is a good choice for more grown-up youngsters because these bikes feature very powerful 650 Watt engines with a maximum speed of up to 17 mph.

When choosing Razor dirt bites for your kids, you need to keep in mind that they will outgrow their bikes in a matter of time. In this case, you should think of going for slightly larger bikes such as the MX-500 rather than MX-350 so they can ride them a little bit longer.

Why Choose Razor Electric Dirt Bikes?

Electric dirt bikes have just hit the market recently but their popularly is spreading far and wide. In fact, the first ever produced Razor electric dirt bike was released in 2005 and from that time until now many riders have tried them on several occasions.

These bikes have a lot of benefits, especially to young riders. So, why should you choose a Razor electric dirt bike for your kids?

Razor electric dirt bikes have almost zero noise thus making them amazingly quiet even at high speeds. Therefore, choose this type of type dirt bikes if you don’t want to upset your neighbors from time to time.

For acceleration and handling, Razor electric dirt bikes have exceeded the expectations of many people. Their electric engines give instant torque as well as acceleration at any RPM you can think of. These bikes have no gearboxes, making them intuitive and easy to ride. No wonder they are a perfect choice for youngsters.

Most importantly, these bikes are efficient in terms of fuel consumption. This is because electric dirt bikes accelerate quicker although they are significantly cheaper when it comes to fuel consumption.

This is evident from their expenditure of at least one cent for every mile covered. As a result, Razor electric dirt bikes enjoy enormous fuel cost advantage when compared to the gas-powered models.

Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when riding any motorbike. The same is true with Razor electric dirt bikes given that these motorcycles are designed to allow for extra safety.

In this regard, kids will stay safe while enjoying riding their electric dirt bikes throughout.

Every bike needs maintenance in order to perform optimally. This is the same case with the Razor electric dirt bikes. But the good thing with these bikes is that they virtually require no maintenance.

Apart from charging these bikes, the only task you need to accomplish is to assemble them. Also, the assembling does not consume much of your time or need some special skills because kids can as well do it on their own.

Razor electric dirt bikes have no emissions because they don’t burn fossil fuels to make their engines run. Instead, they use rechargeable batteries to run their engines. With no emissions, you can rest assured that your kids will not inhale harmful exhaust fumes.

Even if there is no big gap between the electric and gas dirt bikes in terms of pricing, the former is relatively cheaper.

In most cases, many people struggle to find an equivalent of the electric dirt bike when looking for the gas dirt bike of the same price, quality, and performance. As such, Razor electric dirt bikes remain the best available choices for young riders.

Final Thought

Razor dirt bikes are an excellent choice for your kids because they are cheaper, safe and easy to operate. In addition, these bikes come in different sizes to suit different ages among youngsters.

With all these positive attributes in your mind, finding the right Razor dirt bike for your kids should not be a challenging task anymore. All you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the Razor dirt bike comparison chart and everything else will become easier for you.

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