7 Reasons Why You Should Ride a Motorcycle

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Motorcycles are great fun if you know how to ride them. This is because they are fast, maneuverable and quite flexible. Motorcycles give feelings of power and freedom to showcase your riding skills anytime, anywhere.


Reasons Why You Should Ride a Motorcycle

You can aggressively make some daring moves involving kicking back or just leaning into corners and so on. With motorcycles, there are no limitations regarding what you can do on the road or off-road.

The amazing experience that comes with an open-air ride is second to none and you can bet on it that no car can get close to offering it. As the popularity and demand for these two-wheelers grow, manufacturers are working round the clock to deliver the best that they possibly can. That’s why motorcycles are designed based on every attribute that motorcyclists find desirable.

Let’s find out seven reasons why you should ride a motorcycle.

1. Riding Your Motorcycle makes Your Feel Good and Cool

Since many people dispute this fact, riding your motorcycle can make you feel good and look cool at the same time. In one way or another, riding motorcycles can give you an edge over others and deep inside their hearts they may see you as an adrenaline junkie with unmatched riding skills.

So, how does this make you cool? While you may not know how other people perceive you when on your motorcycle, the truth of the matter is that they wish to be in your shoes.

This is where your coolness comes into play about the respect you are accorded by your fans and admirers alike. It doesn’t mean that you have to break your back while pulling some dangerous stunts to please your friends so may earn respect. Instead, your coolness should come naturally and according to your experience or level of expertise.

2. Your Motorcycle Can Improve Your Health

Believe it or not, motorcycling can have a positive impact on your overall well-being. To be specific, riding your motorbike regularly can help you cut down a few calories. Ostensibly this is true and you can attest to this theory by turning to your motorcycle for this awesome experience.

On average, a man weighing 180 pounds is likely to burn about 40 calories in a period of one hour riding his motorcycle as opposed to driving a car. This sounds too good to be true but with determination and a little effort, it is achievable.

And to surprise you the most, if the same man sings while riding in that one hour he will burn an additional 100 or more calories. Perhaps you should give it a second thought if you feel that you have put on some weight lately.

Besides helping you in losing some weight, riding your motorcycle is also good for your brain. How is this possible? Well, your zen state or mental state interacts with the endorphins that come about as a result of spirited riding. Or simply put, riding your motorbike out there does wonders especially to your mental health.

Riding improves the state of your mind leaving you calmer, kinder, more confident and generally happier than before. With improved mental health, you can always have good physical health because of having the right attitude.

3. Riding Your Motorcycle helps Your Interact with the Nicest People

Birds of the same feather flock together, so do the motorcyclists. If you haven’t made a couple of friends from your motorcycling adventures then you need to hone your social skills.

This is to say that there is no better place to establish some friendships with people from different backgrounds if not through motorcycling.

The use of terms such as “sisterhood” or “brotherhood” is a common trend among different groups of riders and it helps in creating that connection among motorcyclists.

Apart from that, there is always a special bond between motorcycle owners and the manufacturer of these wonderful two-wheelers. As more and more people turn to motorcycle the bond grows stronger by each passing moment.

Depending on your country or city, you will be amazed to be greeted by all kinds of motorcyclists whenever you pass them while on your riding mission. Normally, motorcycling induces an everlasting friendliness among riders regardless of where they are.

For instance, you may show up somewhere while on your bike and you will be surprised when people get out of their way to have one or two words with you.

If you are a social person, then you will find yourself brushing shoulders and sharing stories with people you would otherwise never interacted with.

Certainly, motorcycling opens up all closed doors and you can wake up to realize that you are interacting with people way beyond your socioeconomic, religious, or racial circles.

4. Riding Your Motorcycle Gives You a Sense of Freedom

Even though the word “Freedom” is somehow overrated, you can discover its true meaning in motorcycling.

This is a completely different setup given that riding your motorcycle plunges you in the realm of self-sufficiency as well as independence that you may enjoy by simply getting onto your bike and turning the throttle in readiness to move.

As you may have realized, the world is a jittery place that requires you to shift your attention to other people’s demands. This way will you feel drained and exploited just to please others rather than yourself. When it comes to motorcycling, the situation is different.

On a motorbike, it is only you and you alone and no other person to please. In essence, you are controlling your destiny and you can always feel as part and parcel of your actions and decisions.

The freedom within you makes your mental state push away anxiety about paying bills, meeting deadlines or struggling to make someone happier.

Freedom of enjoying your motorcycling ventures should not be mistaken for selfishness whatsoever. This particular freedom is actually the realization of your fullness while doing what you enjoy the most.

That explains why you feel complete (as a human being) when on your motorcycle and not a less significant part of someone or something else.

Most importantly, the freedom derived from riding motorcycles can have a positive impact on your interaction with your family, friends, kids, workmates and anyone else.

5. Riding Your Motorcycle Can Help You Connect with the World around You

The kind of freedom you enjoy while on your ride makes you appreciate the little things around you or in your life. This particular freedom lets you know that you are part of those things that make your life simple, interesting, enjoyable and fulfilling. Some of these things include the people in your inner circle and the items that you hold dear in your life.

Beyond all that, you will also find a greater connection to everything else around you. The connection can be extremely difficult to articulate yet meaningful in a way that keeps you going.

This is where motorcycling comes in to spice up every part of your life while establishing that connection to your surroundings.

Riding your motorcycle exposes you to different situations and places. You can find yourself riding in the forest or going downhill and finally finding yourself in the middle of your city, heading home.

All these are just but a few of the things that make you stay connected with reality and the world around you in general. Motorcycling enables you to have the first-hand experience of them with your full senses more positively.

6. Riding Your Motorcycle can be Somewhat Exciting

The thrill that comes with motorcycling amounts to some sort of excitement especially to those who find this activity to be fun. On the flip side of the story, motorcycling can be risky and dangerous but the excitement that comes with it is unmatched, to say the least.

Just imagine the adrenaline aspect of it, the speed, maneuverability and efficient that makes motorcycling a favorite hobby for people of all ages and forgets about the negative stories associated with it.

You will realize the excitement that motorcycling brings when you find yourself doing what you thought was impossible.

For example, you may push your motorcycle above its speed limit, overtake other motorbikes on the road, or swoop through different sections of corners in order to have that experience of happiness and achievement thrillingly. Keep in mind that you need to stay safe all the time to make your motorcycling great fun.

7. Riding Your Motorcycle can help You Save at the Pump

Motorcycles are serious money savers compared to using cars daily. With the rising costs of fuel and maintaining cars, many people are opting for motorbikes to help them save at the pump.

Therefore, you need to be fully aware that every time you are on your bike, you are simply saving some money on your side. For instance, most bikes use between 60 and 70 miles per gallon and this is advantageous when it comes to the consumption of fuels.

It’s no wonder a good number of commuters use bikes to get to work so they can save a few dollars for other uses.

Final Thought

Riding motorcycles is fun and exciting. This is because motorcycling enables you to meet and interact with different people, connects you to your surroundings, gives you freedom, helps you save at the pump and improves your overall well-being.

These are a few reasons you should start riding motorcycles but always remember to consider safety measures while on your motorcycle.

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  1. Tyler Johnson says:

    I agree that a motorcycle would feel a lot more exciting than driving a car would. I have been feeling a bit bored with my commute, and it might be nice to ride a motorcycle instead. I should think about renting one to see if I like riding it, and then decide if I want to buy a motorcycle.

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